Signs of Strong's Neck, Setauket, NY
Left: Site of Strong's Neck Bridge. Built 1879 by George E. Hand. Included wharf where coal for rubber factory was unloaded from schooners. Demolished c. 1937.

Right: Indian Ground. Minasseroke (Little Neck, Strong's Neck) was "royal residence" of Setalcott Indians. Burials and artifacts found near here.

Left: "The Cedars" Built 1879 by Selah B. Strong, Frederick Diaper architect. Home of the renowned local historian, Miss Kate Wheeler Strong.

Right: St. George's Manor House. Built 1844 by Judge Selah Brewster Strong. Frederick Diaper architect. Third manorial residence. Still occupied by Strong family.

Left: Thomas Strong House. Built prior to 1850 with many additions since. Early house was subject of William Sidney Mount's painting, "The Farm House at St. George's Manor."

Right: St. George's Manor Cemetery. Col. William "Tangier" Smith, the patentee, his wife "Madam Martha," patriots Captain Selah Strong and his wife, Anna Smith "Nancy" Strong and many of their descendents are buried here.

Left: Upper Barn. Built late nineteenth century by Selah B. Strong. Pictured in Miss Kate Strong's "True Tales from the early days of Long Island." [See the picture of the barn.]

Right: James and Betty Strong House. Built c. 1900. One of only four house on Strong's Neck in 1917, all owned by Strongs.

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